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Некстати ® 1998
01 Некстати 3:02   mp3
02 Shoe bar 8:38 mp3
03 Шлюз 4:15 mp3
04 МХ 3:18   mp3
05 Mushrooms 6:14 mp3
06 Bozo-Nostra 3:43 mp3
07 Turn off 7:30 mp3
08 Run for Your Life 5:54 mp3
09 Menuet 2:09   mp3
10 Dark Walk 6:40 mp3

Swarog ® 1999
01 Swarog 26:11 mp3

Зной ® 2003
01 Зной - Интро 0:30   mp3
02 Детство Менгисту Хайле Мариама 6:01   mp3
03 Sort It Out 3:16   mp3
04 Glacier 4:33   mp3
05 Helicopter 6:34   mp3
06 Day by Day 9:57   mp3
07 Лезгинский Вальс 3:41   mp3
08 Ticks&Lions 8:54   mp3
08 Зной 2:09   mp3


Некоторые люди считают, что тексты очень важны. С чего они так считают, не очень понятно, но мы, идём им навстречу и помещаем здесь слова, используемые при исполнении вокальных партий. Должны только предупредить, что не следует искать в них смысл, нерв и духовность. Поищите их в себе.

Часть слов сочинена коллегиально, часть портвейном, часть - единолично разными людьми, но сейчас уже и не упомнить, какие - кем.

Некстати ® 1998



Breath of summer is slowing down
Burning sky looks so angry
I feel my body is safe and sound
But I can't get no dream!

I cannot get no dream...

Still I'm standing on sticky stage
Rusty rock is roaring roughly
Like envying enemy in the cage..
My master is muting me!

Autumn colored my wrinkled face
Winter bleached my hair
Now I'm standing down there
To look for the trace..

There are no mushrooms in the forest
And all creatures goes too far
You should be careful in the forest
With your matches and cigar!

In the bog we have no borders
And in the field we have no skirts
Nice to push your way through thickets
I'm startling flies and mice and birds.

I'm like an elk, I'm like an elk,
I'm like an elk, I'm elk!

There are no berries in the marshland
There are no foliage on the trees
Well, I think that season is changing
Winter is coming, world is freezed!

Yesterday I saw the human
And he was aiming me, oh shit!
Who is human? I'm a human!
And even more than every bit!

  Turn Off...

All people know my windows
And I'm just afraid of this
Really, all people know my windows
When the moon slips up
And the sun closes down
Turn off the light - I say to you
There's nobody here but we...
And shadows disappear.. Do you know my name?
Here, behind the crimson curtains
My name is turn off the light!

All people know my doors
And I'm just ashamed of this -
Two axes, two plains and two zeroes...
You find it funny, But it's not so..
Turn off the light! You say to me..
In the deepest room of pain I'm smiling
What do you think your name is, darling?
Here, on the tip of the pin
Your name is turn off!..

  Run for your Life
I've lost your smile
It proove to be the living sin
The blinded blade betrays humanity...
And now I'm trying
To break the place where you have been
And throw away the murk insanity...

The swirling miles
Beneath the frozen endless way
Among the snow...
Where do you want to drive?
You know it lies
It makes you give up the day
You better run for your life!

Playing with the wind
Tuning strings of autumn rain
Flying with the sparrow...
Bring you back your urge to strive!
Here's a little hint
You should be going through the pain
And no one find your sorrow
You better run for your life!
  Dark Walk
Standing in the corner of gold
Evening is comin' on
I'm waiting for the dark walk
Livin' in the material world..
But vitality's gone
I'm looking for the next lock

Father told many times
"Hours are for a deal,
And only one is for leisure!"
Pushing trigger twice,
Walking with no meal..
I'm getting the pleasure!

Now I see you provide me with no guarantee
But I feel so cool on line!

Woke up in the afternoon,
Storming in my head..
I'm tryin' to find my strong pills
Howling at the rising moon
Gulping piece of bread
My eyes like two big wheels!

Brother! Let me ask,
I'm beseeching you
Please tell me your name!
Switching to the different task
I'm finding fuzz and blue,
But that's no more the game!

In that moment you promise me adventures
But I feel so weaked and tired!
Сварог ® 1999

1st mov Prelude

There was a time
When legends and sages were conceiving
There was a place
Where people of Slavdom lived
There is a story
About cruel war for a freedom
There is a truth
About one kind god named Swarog

2nd mov Beginning

We plowed wide fields
We corned them with rye
But the woe hangs about
The invaders smash in...

3rd mov Hard

Hey, people, look around you!
The knights of dark are coming!
Go and get shields and weapons
Throw away the mortal enemies!

4th mov Trumple

The intruders are steel
They trumple our lands
And burn our village!
Our wives and daughters
Are thrown to the holocaust!
They close to the death...

But Swarog make us strong
We go to the battle
Now we feel the power!
And we all to a man
Fight for the homeland!
And we will thrust them out!

Broadswords pounce on their tinned head
Arrows wing straight and aimed
Battle is desperate!...
The people are dying...

5th mov Soft and High

The war is over now...
Graves are everywhere...
The heavens are yawned...
Where is way out?..

6th mov Tight

Evereyone has his own fate
Somebody gone to the grave
They've fell down for our freedom
Swarog looks after them!

7th mov Pathetic

Hey, Swarog, we praise you!
You infuse us with hope
Hey, Swarog!
Our kind and wise god!

8th mov Legendary

When He's looking
Sun shines brightly
When He's laughing
Rain drops timely
Air is crystal
Wind blow freshly
Sweet water fills every well

When He's smiling
Land is bonny
When He's walking
Grass comes greener
Forests thrive around
Birds tweet in the clouds
People are glad!

Зной ® 2003

Детство Менгисту Хайле Мариама


That's the story of
Little boy who was
Looking for the truth
With no way getting in.
"Why you people build
All this huge machines,
If you could just take off
And run into the sky".
He was full of doubts
And the fairy clouds
were making his head is not bright.
He was such a kind
That was lost to find
Now tell me what it is
Then you're got on your curious mind.

Fly to the other side
Where the mistery burning moonlight.
Right where the free birds fly
And you never get back from the sky.

Whatever happens
The birds fly home to these great trees.
Whatever happens
The time will wash The foolish fears.
Just happy tears
Just green and blue...

Anything you can get it
in a dream.
Any role you can set it
in a dream.
And prise you'll pay
For the brand new day.

Fly to the other side
Where the mistery burning moonlight.
Right where the free birds fly
And you never get back from the sky.

  Sort it Out

All blinds is how you see me
I've got two names
It's snowing outside
Cutting every ways.

Your moby triks
Will hardly do much cheers
You must be very thick
So it goes my dear
Clumpsy creature drop your toys
Stop producing fucking noise

Sort it out
We gonna sort it out!

Not big surprise
To find you here again
Creeping clockwise
Fixed to the metal chain
Striped red and blue

I live you here
In this .....? state
As if wounded dear


One day i was hit by a good thought
What if I retire
from my nesty hasty jungle?
What I do delight is icewhite color
Little black, some blue,
Now I know what to do.

Hold my ricety hands over the bon fire
Trust if what I feel
Black night, whinter chill.
Wind is howling out the mountains dark and dark around.
Jump ready I stare Like a beast i a lair,

  When the Helicopter Comes
When helicopter comes?
When helicopter comes?
When the winter is gone
Then helicopter comes
Where will we be?

I look in the sky
My polar girl,
My winter child.
When the winter is gone
Then helicopter comes
Where will we be?

  Day by Day
Day by day
I wonder in this wastelend
Nothing more to say
And nothing else
to hold in hand
You may say
That i'm out of my mind
And you may say
That i'm acting like child.

But dusk is coming
And it will be
A long run tonight

All this lamps
Are so hardly blinking
Making things
Shaped like in a movie
And this wooden walls
.....? over me
And this gray morning
Slowly comes in.

But dusk is coming
And it will be
A long run tonight.

  Лезгинский Вальс

Don't you hear me
What if someday I come to be
a lonely stranger walking down the street.
Don't you see that
And don't you know
when i am gone
What kind of friend
you used to have
by your side.

Listen, honey
You got me crasy on and on.
How should I live may life
from now on.
And when I say right
as robe you do say wrong
That's the real contradition
Where I now belong.

Sliding away to the world of my own.
Holding dream in my mind
I go down...
All alone...

  Ticks & Lions
Why are you look at the silver sky?
It will never give you shelter
And why you think i'm not alive?
This ground is not a friend of mine
And now i'we feel the empty sea
And i can talk
I can talk to the wind
You can see that

Oh, why you listening to the distance
What stupid game to find out reasons
No i can't get it anymore
I feel the taste of ocean water
And i left up on myself to the clouds
You can see that

Why should I explain you some soft lies?
The colors of truth are coming down to you
Why should I give you all the visions of future days,
And flavours of minds and dreams?
Dangerous lathings
I coming down to solid ground.
And I see how they will got the silver sky

  Ardent Heat
We swingin' a strange dance
We break down all the things we know for sure
And last frozen way
That melt in the sand
Of oblivion we face ahead
And last frozen way
That melt in the sand of dreams
Nothing else to posesse
Just the ardent heat.
Xtaty Da, 2005